The Child Development Center of Easton is committed to providing High Quality Child Care to all students. Through intense professional development, ongoing self-reflection, and a strong commitment and loyalty to our students and Families, we will continuously provide high quality care and education.



The Child Development Center of Easton is a Keystone Star Facility

About The Owner

     Karlena Wilkinson has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 2005. After becoming employed as a Young Preschool Teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson decided that teaching children and creating a positive child care experience was a life path that she wanted to go down.

     While employed as a Child Care Center teacher, Director and Consultant, she realized that she wanted to provide a higher quality Child Care center. Mrs. Wilkinson envisioned a center in which all children of all backgrounds, learning styles, and disabilities would be able to attend and be provided with a real educational experience as opposed to a "typical" child care facility that "babysits" the students. She wanted an environment in which Science, Math, Reading, Writing and Extra Curricular Activities were provided to the students. A Center where the student was taken where they were academically and taken to where they should be academically. A Center in which, each child is focused on as an individual instead of as a whole group.

     In 2017, Mrs. Wilkinson finally was able to open her first Child Care Center in Easton, PA! An amazing city in which she has taught early childhood education for many years! The support from the families in Easton was absolutely amazing!



ThThe Child Development Center of Easton Located at:

45 N. 9th St.

Easton, PA 18042



Karlena Wilkinson- Owner/Director

Phone: 908-329-7366

Email: info@eastonchilddevelopment.com